Hi there, my name is Jody Sargison.  I’m a Mum of 2 energetic young boys, wife, sister & daughter to a wonderful loving family & I have a great network of friends & associates here in Tasmania who make life just AWESOME!

I have a hard, yet fun, approach to fitness & pride myself on being professional, prompt & genuine.

Being a working mum of 2 boys (one of whom is a terrible sleeper) I recognise the time, energy & health difficulties with which every Mum is faced.  Check out my website or make a time to see me to explore ways to keep every time-poor Mum looking & feeling great!

About Me

My energy, passion for fitness & caring, helpful nature lead me to the fitness industry where I studied to become a group fitness instructor & personal trainer.  I originally started casual work in the fitness industry around my 12 year career as a Wildlife Ranger, training & further building skills in many areas of fitness & health along the way.

Being a mum of 2 gorgeous, energetic little boys has taught me so much about myself & what’s ‘real’ in this life.  Being a mum is the most important job in my life…… but suddenly being Wildlife Ranger, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, sister, wife, cook, cleaner, friend (all those wonderful things in my life) …… with a sick baby & very little sleep became REALLY TOUGH!!!  Throughout this tough time my future vision of specialising in health & fitness for ladies became clearer & my personal experiences sparked inspiration for me to take the plunge & create Perfect Fit 4Ladies.

I thrive on encouraging & inspiring friends & clients to set & achieve fitness & health goals & gain GREAT satisfaction as they overcome issues with self-confidence, negative mindset & low self-esteem.  It’s a privilege to help others find good health & lead a fulfilling life!

I pride myself on researching & learning a wide range of health, fitness & training techniques to enable me to deliver the best options for each & EVERY client.

If you think it comes easy to me……

Someone commented to me once “what would you know about how hard it is, you are obviously naturally skinny & healthy”……  Well let me tell you a little secret about how I know what it’s like….

I come from a family of food lovers who have been battling BIG weight issues most, if not all their life & me, myself….. Let’s just say I’ve experienced firsthand the head space food can occupy & the massive impact FOOD can have on one’s life…..  For many years I fought with an eating disorder so let’s just say I was the “Skinny Fat”.  Somewhere along my way, I came to recognise I am the only one responsible for my health & my precious body is the only place I have to live!

No it’s not easy,!  It’s the “yes I can”, hard work & determination that has got me to where I am today!