• Towel, water bottle & warm clothing for after your fitness session
  • Must bring fitness (yoga style) mat for ALL fitness sessions
    *** check out fitness mats at Kmart $12, or BigW & Target have some cheapies also ***
  • Must bring cotton inner gloves for all boxing sessions – you may purchase these from me $2
  • If it’s summer, bring your bathers & an additional towel & head to the beach for a swim to cool off after your fitness session. I LOVE THIS PLACE!
  • Light comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely shorts or tights & tank top or t-shirt
  • Ensure you bring a jumper or jacket to wear before & after your fitness session, we live in Tasmania – be prepared
  • Flat, enclosed, comfortable gym shoes runners, trainers, sneakers or whatever you like to call them

At risk of sounding rude….

Please be aware of your personal hygiene. You may enjoy your BO but generally speaking, others will not.

You don’t need to be fancy, just BE COMFORTABLE!!!

*** BigW & Target have some good, cheap clothing & footwear that looks awesome ***

If you have any further questions please contact me via SMS or phone (I’m hopeless at getting to the phone with 2 little boys around, but will do my best) or fill in the contact form.

Most of the info you need should be on this website so please be sure to check there first. I love to be here for your every need but please remember it’s only me myself & I with no receptionist, so be sure to check out the website before you contact me.
Thanks Jody xxx