1) Eat for LIFE! Retrain your mind to think of food as energy to live, love & move.

2) Recognise & believe that fresh, nourishing food is a treat, not things like fizzy cordial, sweets, alcohol or crappy takeaways ……. Live by this & reap the rewards.

3) Remove temptation from the cupboard …… the guests would rather you remove the bickies from the cupboard & be healthy. That way you won’t have to keep replacing those bickies you say are for the guests.

4) Be organised. Cut vegies up in advance so salads, vegie soups & stir-fry’s are ready to go. Invest in good food saving containers to help store these pre-prepared meals so they last longer.

5) Learn what healthy portion sizes look like & always eat from a plate or bowl. NO PICKING! (I’m a shocker for this one)

6) Reduce sugar intake where possible. It’s in almost everything these days. The less sugar you have, the less you will crave (very true). Try to use natural alternatives in things such as bickies & cakes. I love to use fruit to sweeten muffins, cakes & bickies that the kids love. Banana & date area favourite! Check out the web for ideas, there’s heaps!

7) There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the right eating plan. Learn what the best foods are for your body type by listening to your body (do certain things make you bloated, gassy etc)

8) Include a good source of protein in every meal (think, lean meat, nuts…) & try to keep carbohydrate consumption to plant based sources (such as corn, seeds & carrots)

9) As you might gather I am not going to tell you exactly what to eat. Chances are you already know what is good for you & where your poor eating habits lie. Cut the crap, stop the excuses & make a change! Each time you make it through a day or even half a day of good eating is one more day of good health & nourishment for your body!

10) If you need a written eating plan to follow, jump online & utilise one of many free apps or programs with healthy eating plans available. And if you feel you need more help, get a referral to a dietician. If you do not feel comfortable with the dietician you are referred to, ask to see someone else. This is super important to ensure you get results!


11) Don’t be scared of food or meal times….. Be smart & ENJOY!

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