Think outside the square!  This can be tricky when you are sleep-deprived, but oh so worth it to get a system in place to allow some YOU time!

1.  If you can’t get someone to look after your children so you can get to a fitness session, tee up with another trusted mum & take turns in looking after each other’s kids.  It is a great FREE way for kids to build social skills & they can learn so much from time with another loving family!  It may be stressful at first if you’re not used to leaving your child, but can soon become a wonderful new opportunity to lead a fulfilling & healthy life for both mum & bub/child.

2.  If it’s nap time for your bub/child & you want to make it to a fitness session, get Gran or Grandpa to pop over & sit in for a short while.  If you don’t have grandparents around to help out, other options may be: a lovely young person (Uni students are always looking for a few extra $$$) in your neighbourhood looking to do baby sitting (depending on the age of your little one), or strike a deal with another mum to pop over & perhaps you could pick her child up from school (or whatever) to return the favour.

If you have a good suggestion to help other mum’s….. please leave a comment below.

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