Pregnancy is a very wonderful blessing but can also be a time of mixed emotion & worry for what lays ahead. All those thoughts whirling around in your head………
Will I be a good mum………
How will I cope with the labour……
Will my body ever be the same again…….
How will I fit a baby into my hectic life……..
OMG this is all so exciting but what am I doing……
or whatever you got going on in head…… Yer you know what I’m talking about…….

Whatever your fears or worries are be strengthened in knowing it’s perfectly ok & in fact pretty standard to have mixed thoughts & emotions. Take a step back & look around……. I’m guessing what you have to offer your baby/child is pretty good! We are so hard on ourselves these days. Don’t try to be ‘the ultimate mum’ just enjoy ‘being mum’. We are after all humanBEING’s not humanDOING’s. There will always be mum’s who appear to be super mum’s (and yes some are pretty awesome) but generally we all have a story to tell.

Be proud of YOU for taking on the pregnancy journey & enjoy the ride cause your about to learn a whole lot more about yourself!

The benefits of exercise in pregnancy are MASSIVE (unless you carry a pregnancy related condition that forbids you to exercise – rare but sadly there are a few but your Obstetrician will let you know if that’s you)

I continued to instruct group fitness right up till 1 week prior to having both my babies & in my second pregnancy this was a real challenge as I was physically ill most days for 33 weeks. There were tears & struggles but every time I forced myself to get my butt out the door, I would feel so much better on my return, both physically & mentally. Sure my back hurt & my legs ached, but not from the exercise. Walking outdoors & swimming at the beach were my no.1 favourite ways to keep active.
I carried on with resistance training throughout both pregnancy’s making a few safety modification along the way & I totally believe by staying active my labour’s were far less enduring than they could otherwise have been.

You don’t have to be a fitness freak or do hours of unpleasant exercise to get the benefits. Find something you enjoy & get a routine going.

There are some safety considerations you should take on board for exercising when pregnant. Check out pre-exercise check list I have put together for you.

All the best with your pregnancy xx

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