Prepare Your Christmas New Year Game Plan NOW

The fun festive season is not the time to cop out on making your own decisions by blindly following others and tradition. It’s also not an option to miss out on FUN due to fear of ‘falling off the wagon. If you’ve worked hard to improve your health or wish to make a change to better life NOW, then follow these simple rules…..

You have two options:

Take a leave pass, go off the rails, “worry about it in January.”

Just a few possible consequences

  • mental and physical suffering – depression, fatigue & other health concerns
  • Greater Anxiety of ‘getting started’
  • Longer road to progress
  • And the list goes on

Set your game plan before the madness begins. Not sure how? Let me help you.

Now we are committed let’s plan

  • Engage, family, friends and co-workers to strengthen your efforts and help change their life.
  • Set a ‘go to’ person as your strength reset, should you fall off the wagon. Pour out the problem then focus solely on the great work and outcome for 2018.
  • Follow the In the Moment Success Strategies outlined in Part 2 to help you make the right “worth it” decisions for you
  • Stand firm when confronted with peer pressure. Teasing may finish in that person being inspired by your strength. Have a response pre-prepared. ‘Thankyou for noticing. I’m out to feel great about myself and bring better health this year. I appreciate your concern and support.’
  • Factor family tradition into your planning to avoid the stress of conflict. Adopt an option that meets your needs and theirs. Eg. “You guys are providing the KFC, may I bring a salad and cold seafood platter?”
  • Take a family walk, trip to the beach, game of cricket or board games in poor weather for added fun and to MOVE away from the food table.
  • Brush your teeth after the meal is finished. Even that beautiful wine or beer will taste poor
  • Adopt a ‘No fizzy or juice’ rule for the family as a whole so it’s not there to be tempted.
  • Limit alcohol to 1 or two. Set the limit before the day. Employ yourself as the DD and others will support you to ‘not drink, especially if you offer them a ride home.
  • Take on a ‘no desert’, or ‘I will halve every serve of sweets I am offered’ policy.
  • Trying again and again grows your ability to succeed more and more and one day will become second nature. Try and try again because this is your life and you deserve to live happy and free


Be proud of YOU daily by saying out loud ‘I’m proud of myself for taking on challenge and change’! In the shower, car or wherever possible!

Your plan must make you feel excited and empowered not scared and unhappy. If you ‘loathe’ your plan, or ‘don’t really want to’, you are taking the wrong approach. It must feel ‘Doable’.

Even considering a change is a positive start! Well done!

Jody xxx

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