Group Fitness

Group Fitness is a wonderful way to stay inspired & get more from your training. Check out our Group Fitness timetable & book your FREE trial session. The friendly, energetic atmosphere will leave you feeling pumped & smiling!
Can’t make it to group fitness session times? Get a group of friends together & book a small group PT session at a time & venue that suits. The cost will work out very similar to group fitness session prices if you have 4-5 participants.


Group Fitness Prices – inclusive of GST $
Single session online booking: $15
Casual Visit Rock-up price: $18
Bulk purchase x10 sessions $140 to be used in 3 month period = $14per session
Weekly x3: $39= $13 per session entitles you to 3 sessions during one week
Monthly x12: $144= $12 per session entitles you to 12 sessions during on month
Monthly unlimited: $177 = $7.38 per session if you attend 6 per week
Purchase 2 consecutive monthly unlimited passes & receive a $50 PT session

Suggestion: If you can’t make it to the group fitness session times I offer, get a small group of friends together & book a small group PT session with me at a time that suits. The cost for will be very similar to that of a group fitness sessions if you have 4-5 friends come along & you can choose what style of training you wish to incorporate.

Personal Training

Join me for a PT session at my studio here at Lauderdale or at a suitable venue nominated by you.

Book a one hour session or as you progress I recommend 40 min sessions.
We can train one-on-one or get a small group of up to 6 friends together for a more cost effective option (see cost).
Let me design a program that inspires you!
We can use a combination of as much or as little equipment as you like!

Some of my favourites include: Kettlebell, ViPR, Bosu, Tyres & Boxing gloves (don’t worry if you have no idea what these are….. it’s my job to show you)
Let me inspire you and together we will have you to a fitness level where you look forward working out! Anything is possible!


Personal Training Prices – inclusive of GST
One-on-one $85 for 1 hour session or $70 for 40min session
Small Group PT (up to 6) – add $5 per person

MUMS & BUBS/TOTS to TEENS Personal Training Prices – inclusive of GST
$85 (up to 2 children) – 40min

PARTNER Personal Training Prices – inclusive of GST
$85+$5 1 hour or $70+ $5 for 40 min

If you would like training brought to your door step, a small travel fee may apply to cover additional time, set-up/pack-up, fuel etc. This will be negotiated with you prior to the fitness session

Personalised Programs


are you having a melt down that you can no longer get your exercise endorphin’s or continue with exercise that excites you for 9 months! Contact me to write you a safe & inspiring program! Exercise for pregnancy does not have to be boring!

Exercise for you

Advice from me……… as a fellow sleep deprived mum who knows it’s tough to be motivated for exercise (or the million other things on your ‘to do’ list) when all you want to do is sleep, I overcame this issue by having a program ready to go so I didn’t have to think & it had to be something that was varied & exciting. Sure at times it was also daunting, but after the short sharp blast of exercise I was left feeling GREAT every time (this is still me most days).
Let me write you a program that excites you!!!

Written programs are great as you can use them for a set period, then put them away to use again at a later stage. I still have a few programs which were written for me by other trainers which I pull out once in a while.

Personalised Fitness Programs Online
Let me spice up your fitness routine with a personalised program! Use it again & again at intervals throughout the year. I still use my personal programs from other trainers from time to time!

Choose an equipment free program or include any or all the gear you love!

PREGNANT ladies…. Let me design a safe, fun program that inspires you!

Price on application with bulk discounts available